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Vacuum Insulation Panels in Refridgeration – Mobile

Vacuum Insulation Panels can offer power consumption savings for mobile refridgeration applications.

Refrigerated transportation trucks have limited space and utilising this space more effectively can be a direct correlation to energy savings.

The typical insulation in a reefer truck is 50mm of polyurethane which has a U-value of 0.144, therefore using the Keovthermal 6mm Vacuum Insulation Panel instead could effectively double the truck's insulation performance.  

An insulated reefer truck making use of Kevothermal's VIPs

As fuel prices continue to escalate, the cost of cooling goods during shipping become even greater. The cooling unit on a typical reefer trailer will consume approximately 9000 litres of diesel fuel annually.

Based on -20°C operation on an average annual cycle using 9000 litres of diesel per year, the use of Vacuum Insulation Panels can reduce the cooling unit consumption to as low as 3500 litres, with annual savings of approximately £7000 (€7700) at today's diesel fuel prices and saving 14 tons of Carbon Dioxide per year.